Cheltenham College, Westal

A new 72–bed girls' boarding located in the Conservation Area and completed August 2013 - approximate contract value £3.0m. Our Client is very pleased with the result and commented as follows:

As is so often the case with a town centre development (in this case in the middle of a conservation area) we were faced with multiple challenges in the planning and design phases of our new girls' boarding house project. In fact there were times when we thought that perhaps the challenges might be insurmountable. Thanks to the team at Integrated Architecture, and to Charles Cox in particular, (as well as our other professional advisors) I'm pleased to say that we did indeed overcome the obstacles we were faced with. What's more Charles and his colleagues have played a central role in the on-time, under-budget delivery of a house that sets a new standard for pupil boarding, not just in Cheltenham, but across the sector more generally. We are delighted with the outcome.


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