Integrated Architecture has extensive experience in the design of individual and high quality homes for discerning clients. Working with national and niche developers, we can offer creativity, ‘buildability’ and a personal service from concept to completion. We have designed schemes of up to 200 houses to a value of £10m.

Integrated Architecture's expertise is typically sought where there are complex issues often involving Conservation areas, Listed Buildings, archaeological considerations, environmental sensitivities – generally any developments which require careful negotiation with planners and interested parties. 

We have been building ‘eco’ homes for over twenty years including one of the country's first earth-sheltered houses. The team is currently working on a variety of projects including Code 6 homes (zero carbon) This standard won't be mandatory until 2016, but Integrated Architecture wishes to pitch itself well beyond current legislation in order to future-proof client investments.

Our architects have designed for a wide variety of clients (see selected case studies on the left) including:

  • Berrow Barns
  • Bloor Homes
  • Greenhaus Group
  • Manhattan Loft Corporation
  • Bovis Homes
  • Satnam Investments
  • Southernwood Eco Home
  • Redcliffe Homes


If you have a residential requirement please contact:

Case Studies