Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health

Building Services Design:

Our mechanical and electrical engineers provide a range of talents with a good cross-section of professional qualifications and experience. The professional skills and resources of the practice provide fully co-ordinated inputs for the design of mechanical and electrical Installations including hot and cold water services, air conditioning and ventilation services, LPHW and MPHW hot water heating services, geothermal and heat pump installations, fire main and sprinkler systems lift and escalator installations, communication, data and telephone, lighting and emergency lighting, structured data cabling systems, road lighting and external lighting, and fire alarm system installations.

We have considerable experience in dealing with utility companies whether it be diversion of supplies, utility searches, upgrades or new supplies to buildings.

Sustainable Engineering Design:

We have the benefit of a Low Carbon Consultant as a member of our staff so carbon emissions and lifecycle implications are considered. We have a broad experience in producing energy efficient buildings. A recent project at Ribston Hall High School includes an automatic natural ventilation system with temperature and CO2 sensors linked with sophisticated controls to an underfloor heating system. The heat is produced by a ground source heat pump. The heat pump is up to 400% efficient.

Energy efficiency is considered on every scheme. We make the client aware of energy saving options and within the constraints of the budget outline the viability of each approach. Examples might include increasing insulation levels in excess of the building regulations or choosing a renewable energy source such as biomass.

Thermal Efficiency:

We can advise on the thermal design for new or refurbishment works. We use computer techniques for the assessment of artificial light, daylighting, prediction of annual running costs, and calculation of normalised performance indicators.

Energy Surveys:

During recent years a major part of the Company’s work has been committed to conducting Energy Surveys for building owners. These Surveys resolved many of the fuel monitoring, training and operational difficulties of running a building efficiently in addition to identifying areas worthy of financial investment.